Industries Specific Network Solutions

Metro Rail / Railways Telecom Networks

  • Metro rail & Monorail goal is to provide a more reliable and secure service.
  • It requires sophisticated communications solutions for its increasingly complex operations like monitoring and managing safety and signaling systems, load movement and passenger experience.
  • We provide solution that not only to support legacy applications as well as to provide a smooth migration to next generation networks.
  • RACOMM has successfully completed the Integration of following communication systems for the rail and metro projects:
  • Data Transmission system LAN / WAN system
  • Master Clock
  • Telephone System
  • CCTV System
  • Radio System
  • Passenger Information System
  • Train Borne Communication System
  • UPS & Battery Backup System
  • Driver Omni Operation
  • Integrated Control and Management System
  • Access Control and Intrusion Detection System

Power Disrtibution Utility

  • One source solution – complete portfolio
  • Turnkey system including design and engineering
  • Network security
  • Stability of supply
  • Efficiency of generation, transmission and distribution
  • Load dispatch with scheduling
  • Economic energy and plant management
  • Complete and trouble-free turnkey solution


  • We fulfill requirement for the services :
  • Operational and Safety related networks, involving ICAO
  • Networks required isolation (like ATC)
  • Services to avoid switchboards (hotlines, point-to-point)
  • Services provide that have a fixed latency (like TETRA)
  • Secured Services
  • provide WAN/LAN network elements (switches & routers)
  • Design based on avoiding a single point of failure
  • Reliable services required for a wide area

Examples related to Airport services

  • Airband HF & VHF (4 wire analog)
  • Hotlines (2 wire) for first responders
  • PA circuits (4 wire analog)
  • PABX trunk circuits (QSIG E1)
  • Digital I/O for remote control (ex. Crash Alarm)
  • Isolated L2 ethernet point to point connections
  • Emergency telephone connections (SIP & 2-wire)
  • Flight Information Display System (FIDS)
  • Passenger Processing System (PPS)
  • Master Antenna television System (MATV)
  • Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS)
  • CCTV Surveillance System
  • Ethernet based fire detection system

Hydrocarbon industry

  • We provide highly reliable and well managed communication networks to perform jobs in harsh environments
  • We provide solution for both that combined traditional and newer communications technologies for variety of applications such as SCADA, PBX connectivity, voice, surveillance video, 2 way radio
  • RACOMM addresses the telecommunication needs of the oil and gas industry by providing complete end to end solutions for their critical infrastructure
  • RACOMM also works for site I&C for telecommunication systems of the pipeline projects
  • Benefits of our services
  • Deploying a single telecommunication network infrastructure
  • Carrier grade platform provides a reliable solution for mission critical services
  • Flexibility and scalability for future applications
  • In house R&D for customized solutions
  • Local support system for long term Operation and Maintenance support
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