What we do

Consultancy Services

  • Support customer to know the exact scope of the project
  • To identify the right technology partner / OEM for various sub systems of the project
  • To facilitate the stakeholders to achieve the project implementation within the cost of the project with specified quality
  • To value add the project management through identification and implementation of the tool of Project System Integration
  • Implementation of RAMS plan in order to guarantee the framework of project as per customer requirement.

Engineering Design Services

  • Our expert do the Engineering starting from inception of project and cover following design stages:
  • Inception design and documentation for the project
  • Preliminary System Assurance Plans, Quality Plans and Procedures
  • Preliminary Design of Telecom sub systems as per project requirement
  • Final Design & drawings as per project requirement
  • Review for System level test plans and performance of the overall system
  • Installation deasign and drawings according to project specification and requirement
  • As-Built design of telecom sub system as per project requirement
  • DBM ( Design Basis memorandum) documentation for the project

System Integeration

  • System Integration for various Telecom subsystems like:
  • FOTS (SDH), WAN (L3 / L2), PTN, WDM, OTN
  • Master clock system & network synchronization
  • Telephonic system & recording system
  • Security systems (CCTV, Electronic Perimeter, BMS)
  • Wireless systems (TETRA / GSM-R / VHF)
  • Industrial WiFi
  • Power Supply (UPS / SMPS / Solar system)
  • PIDS (Perimeter Intervision Detection System)
  • PA / PAGA system

Installation & commissioning

  • Project Tracking Plan
  • Project Schedule and Control Management
  • Engineering Management Plan
  • Testing & Commissioning Management Plan
  • Interface Management Plan
  • Cost effective I & C Service.
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